The FIRST 5 Santa Clara County 2018 – 2023 Strategic Plan outlines the priorities, goals, desired outcomes, and core strategies that will guide FIRST 5’s work over the next five years. The plan is based on knowledge gained from ongoing research and community input about our community’s strengths and needs; evidence-based practices in the fields of early childhood development and family support; and emerging trends at the local, state, and national levels. This strategic plan will enable FIRST 5 to make thoughtful and timely decisions about how to promote the optimal health and well-being of Santa Clara County’s youngest children and their families – ensuring all children prenatal through age five are healthy, happy, and thriving.

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We take our responsibility for the health and optimal development of children prenatal through age five seriously. We recognize that part of our responsibility includes practicing sound fiscal and contracting practices in addition to developing creative solutions to solve the needs of our communities’ youngest children.We are committed to ensuring that effective programs and services are available to our communities’ children and families. Our efforts to incorporate systemic change in our communities programs and services will help support fiscal sustainability and a long-term continuum of services.


Year End Reports

FIRST 5 Santa Clara adheres to the highest standards in conducting its business and follows sound policies, procedures and detailed business practices in its fiscal and contracting activities. In fact, it’s our responsiveness to identifying and addressing community needs that has made FIRST 5 Santa Clara County a model for the rest of the state.

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The FIRST 5 Community Report provides in-depth information on the investments we have made over the past fiscal years and the positive, measurable outcomes those investments have had in supporting the healthy development of children prenatal through age five and enriching the lives of their families and communities.

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The Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Strategic Plan 2016-2019 contains recommended strategies and interventions to address and prevent early childhood obesity.  The plan forms the framework for FIRST 5 Santa Clara County’s obesity prevention focus.