Who We Are

The first 5 years. Make them count.

Who is FIRST 5?
In 1998, Californians voted to dedicate tobacco taxes to local health and education programs for young children ages 0-5 which created First 5 commissions in each county across the state. First 5 funding for children’s programs is based entirely on local planning and decision-making specific to families’ needs in the county and not on state mandates.
Why do we serve children ages 0-5?
Research shows that a child’s brain develops most dramatically during the first five years of life. During this critical period, a window of opportunity exists to help shape how a child’s brain matures and to lay the foundation for all of the years that follow.
While the early period in children’s development is absolutely critical to their future success, it is also where public investments are lowest. FIRST 5 provides all children ages 0-5 with programs and services that ensure children are born and remain healthy, receive more from their education, and become productive adults.